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Sometimes it is painful to go into a dealership or a business and hear the pitch some of their salesmen are throwing at me. A lot of them start talking about dogs, family, and life before closing the deal, and its one of my pet peeves. Please stop wasting your breath and learn what customers want from their salesmen! Your customers are coming to you because you’re the EXPERT! They do not care to talk
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In today’s day and age every company must have a website if they want to stay in business.  With that being said, building a website is not an easy or common thing people know how to do. Because of this, a lot of business owners will skip building a website all together or they will pay/have someone make one for them, and frankly most of them look and perform like dog crap. So, what are the
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Make or Break You, Which Will Your Attitude Do? Attitude is something that will take you to the top, or drag you to the bottom. The main thing about attitude is it’s literally all up to you. You can choose to be a positive, go getter; or you can choose to be negative and always act as a victim. Whichever you choose is the one that will determine the outcome or your everyday life. I