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My RV Sales Process That Helped Me Sell RV After RV

One big mistake RV sales people make, and quite frankly, a lot of sales people make; they change their RV sales process with each and every customer.

You should have a process that you use time and time again with the intentions of forever making your sales process better. When you have a true sales process that you use with every customer, you have a tangible process you can improve on. If you change the sales process with every customer, than you have nothing to improve, and that will cost you deals!

This RV sales process I have created and use is customer centric, time centric, and is designed to close a sale in the shortest time possible. This RV sales process is designed to figure out your customers true RV needs, this way you can close the deal the first time and create customers for life.

My RV Sales Process in a nutshell:

The Greeting

  • Introduction

No matter if you’re taking a walk-in lead, a phone up, or following up with an internet lead, you have to make a good first impression. When you walk up to your customer, answer the phone, or call a prospect make sure you bring energy and tonality to the conversation.

Don’t be just another boring jack they meet everywhere else. Get them excited to be at your dealership and show them you care by giving them your attention.

One big mistake sales people make during the introduction is they want to talk news, sports, and weather and think this is building rapport. Don’t be that sales person! Build true rapport with your customers by showing them you’re an expert in your field and focus on the reason they stopped at your RV dealership… to get their needs met with your RVs!

Introduce yourself with confidence and say something like, “Welcome to RV Dealership Name. What can I help you with today?”

This intro is short and sweet but it tells your customers that you’re ready to help them with whatever they came to the dealership for and they will respect that.

They will reply back with some of the reasons they came to your RV dealership or they will reply back with objections but either way your response is the same, ask them, “Have you ever bought from RV Dealership Name before?”

The reason you’re asking them this is because you want them to know the buying process at your RV dealership and you’re setting them up for the next step in your sales process.

  • Setting Intentions Early

If they say yes or no, you will go into the RV sales process for your dealership by saying something like, “Here at RV Dealership Name we like to make sure our customers get the right RV the first time and we price our RVs to sell so we don’t haggle and negotiate. First, we sit our customers down and learn exactly what they’re going to be using their RV for and what they need in their new RV. Once I learn more of what you will be using your RV for, I will then be able to show you a couple different RVs that will fit your exact needs. Next, we will go out to the lot and I will walk you through the RVs that will best fit your needs. After we walk through those RVs we will go inside and I will show you on paper what those RVs will cost if you wanted to start camping today. If we find the perfect RV for you and the numbers line up with your needs, then we will buy it. If I don’t have the right RV today, then no big deal, we will just keep looking till we find the perfect RV. Does that sound fair enough?”

Most of the time your customer will say, “Yes that sounds fair,” because it is a fair process.

For the times your customer says, “No, that don’t sound fair,” you will want to loop back and explain why this is your process.

You might say something like, “I hear what you’re saying but the reason we do it this way is because we have hundreds of RVs on our lot and not all of them will fit your needs. If you allow me to learn more about what you’re looking to accomplish with your next RV, I will be able to show you RVs that will fit your exact needs so you don’t have to walk around the lot wasting your time. Does that make sense?”

Most of the time your customer will say, “Yes that makes sense,” because who in the world wants to waste their own time? By telling your customer why you need to take them to your office and interview them and explaining why it will benefit your customer it will get them to trust you more and it will get them lower their defenses.

  • Explanation of buying process

The reason you are explaining your buying process and setting your intentions early (them buying the perfect RV) is because you want them to be comfortable with the process and know before hand what they’re about to experience. People don’t like the unknown and by telling them the process before you take them through it, your customers will be more at ease and they will subconsciously agree to go down the path you want them to.

The truth is, this sales process is fair for the customer and the sales person and only an irrational person would say otherwise.

This sales process is designed to get the customer the RV that fits their exact needs and is a quick and efficient process for a sales person, because in sales, time is money.

By having a fair process for both the sales person and the customer you’re showing that you’re an expert in your field and that you can get them what they want without giving them the run around like the amateurs at other dealerships are giving them.

By asking, “Sound fair enough?”

You’re making your customer agree with you that your RV sales process is fair and at that moment they subconsciously agree to let you take them down that process. This is a huge advantage because now you can take them down your sales process with little pushback from your customers.

After your customer agrees that your sales process is fair, you will want to take them to the office that you will try to close them in, and not to the table in the middle of the show room.

Taking your customer to your office is important because you don’t want the first time they’re in your office to be when you’re closing them.

By taking your customer to your office for the interview they will feel more at ease with being in your office. This will help you because when you bring them back to close them, they won’t feel that “O shit, we are going to the box” feeling. Your customers will see your office as a just another place in the dealership and that will make them more comfortable in the close.

Bottom line, interview them in your office!


  • Trade

The first thing I like to talk about with my customers is if they have a trade or not. The reason I like to start at a trade is because you can learn a lot about your customers from their trade.

By asking questions around the who, what, when, where, why, and how method you can get a lot of good info from your customers, ask them questions like:

-How much did you pay for your trade brand new?

-How much do you think your trade is worth?

-What things do you wish you could of changed about your trade?

-What things did your trade do that you want the new RV to do?

-How long have you had your trade?

-What is the monthly payment for your trade?

-How do you use your trade now?

By asking questions in this fashion you will learn a lot of information that you will need to know to close the sale. You will learn what they paid in the past which can give you an idea of what they can afford today. You can learn what their monthly payments are/where so you don’t show them too much of a RV. You can learn what they hated about their trade and what about their trade didn’t meet their needs and help them fix these issues.

The list goes on for what you can learn from their trade so make sure to ask a lot of questions!

  • Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

After you learn everything you need to know about their trade, you will want to use the who, what, when, where, why, and how method to ask them questions about how they will be using their RV and why they want a RV. Knowing your customers true wants is the key to finding your customer the perfect RV and getting them to buy today so don’t skip out on the interview!

Ask your customers questions like:

-Why do you want a RV?

-What will you be doing with your RV?

-What are you towing your RV with?

-Who will all be going with you and using the RV?

-What places do you want to go with your RV?

-How will you be using your RV?

-What do you want to do while RVing?

-When will you be using your RV?

These questions are opened ended and are designed to get your customers talking about their true wants and needs so you can sell towards their rewards. Customers won’t buy your product till their perceived value of your RV is more then what they’re willing to pay for it, so you have to build value!

The only way to add value to your customers lives with a RV is by selling towards the reasons they want a RV.

In my experience the real reasons people want a RV is because:

-They want to build memories with their kids before they get older.

-They want to travel with their spouse and see the United States.

-They want a weekend get away they can hang out with their family while they’re not working.

-They enjoy the outdoors and want to take their kids, camping, hiking and fishing.

-They want to go ice fishing and enjoy the freedom of a RV.

There are many different reasons customers want a RV so make sure you ask them enough questions to figure out their true reasons and don’t just sell them brochure language.

No customer is buying your RV because of the new awning or power tongue jack. They are buying a RV because they want to travel, go on adventures, and create memories with their families. Show your customers how your RV can be the vehicle to help them do this and they are much more likely to buy a RV from you.

  • Get Answers To Hard Questions

Some sale people will let their customers control the whole process and every conversation. They will ask them what their credit score is and the customer will say, “Oh, its great don’t worry about it,” and the sales person will just keep moving forward. Or you may ask them what their budget is for a RV and they might say, “Money isn’t a big deal I just want to look at some RVs,” and again the sales person will let them control the sale.

As a sales person you have to be willing to take control over the sale and you have to get answers to your hard questions. When a customer blows off your questions, learn how to ask again till you get your answer, because that is controlling the conversation.

For example, if a customer tells you, “My credit score is awesome, don’t worry about it.” I will typically come back jokingly with, “Nice, so you have what, a 550 credit score?”

Most of the time the customer will say something like, “No way man, I have a 750, I got that good credit.”

By getting the answer to a harder question, it helps build trust and rapport with your customers. If you let them brush off your questions they will have control of the sale and when you try to close the deal they will brush you off as well, so make sure you’re getting answers to your questions.

Product Demo

  • Don’t show too many RVs

A big mistake a lot of sale people make is showing a customer too many RVs. I have even seen some sales people let their customers walk them around the lot showing them every RV their customers walk in to. This is not the way to do it!

Don’t waste your time or your customers time and make sure you interview your customers before letting them walk the lot or showing them RVs, because without a good interview it will be a lot harder to close the deal.

After your interview is where product knowledge will come into place because you need to pick out 2-3 RVs that will fit your customers exact needs and walk them through only those RVs.

When you give customers too many decisions they will start to get confused and it will paralyze them from being able to make a decision today.

If you do a good interview and go more then surface level with your customers in that interview; you should have the information you need to show them the perfect RV.

If you end up showing your customers the wrong RVs over and over again, it is because your interview process is weak and you need to get better at interviewing your customers.

Your goal is to get to a point where you can listen to your customers true needs, show them 2-3 RVs, and get them to close on one of those RVs in the shortest time possible.

  • Feature & Benefit Towards Customer Rewards

When showing your products, don’t just spit out what you read in the brochure and make sure you’re selling towards your customers rewards.

What this means is don’t just tell people that your RV has a power awning. Tell them something like, “This RV has a big power awning, so that when you and your family are ready to enjoy those meals you talked about. You will also have a nice big shaded area right outside of your RV to eat under. Your family will create a lot of memories under that awning.”

By giving the features along with benefits tailored at your customers rewards they will connect more with the purchase and start to see your RV as a vehicle that can solve their problems and help them do what they want to do.

Customers don’t care about the features if they don’t add rewards and value to their life. For this reason, make sure you’re selling the features along with the benefits your customers get from your RVs and how it will add value to their life.

Remember a RV is a want, not a need. Sell towards peoples wants and you will close more RV sales!

  • Trial Close Throughout Demo’s

While you’re showing your RVs, be sure to use trial closes during your demo.

What this means is to ask your customers throughout the demo if they want to buy that RV. Some sales people get in the habit of always showing 3 RVs when they wanted to buy number 2 and it might cost you some sales.

If you use a trial close on the 1st RV by asking, “Is this the perfect RV,” and the customer answers with, “Yes.” Move them to the next step and take them to your office.

When a customer is ready to purchase, you don’t want to continue to show them more RVs because it will only make things harder and confuse your customer.

Remember you’re the expert and the reason you’re showing these specific RVs is because you know they will fit your customers needs, so if they want to buy the first RV you show them, write them up on it!

Showing more RVs then you have to will only hurt your sales so use trial closes often to learn what RV is the right one for your custoemrs and then close the deal!

Some trial closes:

-Is this the RV you want to buy?

-Want to see what this RV would cost to own?

-Want to see the numbers on this RV?

When a customer is ready to move to the next step, take them to your desk and move to the write up.

Write Up

  • 100% Write Ups

One goal you should have as a sales person is to write up 100% of your customers. For every customer lead, internet lead, e-mail lead, whatever kind of lead you’re getting, you should send a write up to every customer.

The fact is, without a write up, a sales person will never make a sale. You will have some sales people show RV after RV and never get their customers to paper and it is a waste of everyones time. By using this RV process and setting your intentions early, your customers will be ready for you to show them the numbers and will be happy to sit down with you.

For the customers that give you objections, a good way to get them to look at the numbers is by explaining,”I know this RV will fit your needs and before you can make an educated purchase on any RV you need to know what it will cost you. Let’s take a look at the numbers for this RV, this way you will know exactly what this RV will cost you so you will have all the information you need to make a decision. Sound fair enough?”

By showing your customer that you’re helping them make the best decision possible and giving them the information they need to purchase a RV will help them trust you.

If your customers signs the dotted line or they don’t, simply by getting 100% of your customers to the write-up you will sell more RVs.

  • Don’t Go Back To Selling

A big mistake sales people make time and time again, is they go back to selling once as they’re trying to close.

During the write up and as you ask for the sale you should be done selling. The RV they choose to look at numbers for is now the vehicle that can bring them unlimited rewards and solve their problems and that is what you should focus on to close the deal.

Selling features will not help you in the write up or in the close so make sure you’re staying away from selling features and focus on your customer rewards and why they want a RV.

Stop going back to the features and focus on closing the deal!


  • Go For 5 No’s

You can expect your customers to tell you, “No, I am not buying a RV today.” or “I am looking at RVs today because I am buying one in 5-10 years.”

If your customers weren’t giving you these objections then they wouldn’t be normal RV customers.

However, these objections don’t mean they will not buy from you today if they see enough value in the RVs you show them.

When a customer tells you, “No, let me think about it” or “No, I am not buying today” I will reply back with,”I hear what you’re saying, but let me ask you this. Do you like the idea of owning a RV and building memories with your family? (or whatever customer reward is strongest)”

By doing this I am putting it back on the customer and showing them that waiting isn’t needed and that their RVing dreams can come true today if they want them to.

As the customer may reply back with,”Yes I would love to own a RV, but its not the right time for a RV and we still need 5 years before we are ready to buy.”

You can loop back and use the same approach,”I hear what you’re saying, but why make your family wait 5 years to build memories when you can start building them now? I know you say you want to wait for 5 years, but if in 5 years you end up regretting that decision you can’t reverse time. If you buy this RV today you can start building memories with your family and living the way you want, and that will be something you will always take with you. Sign right here if you want to start building those memories and buy this RV.”

If your customer still says, “No, I really need to think it over and talk to my significant other and so on.”

You simply loop back by saying, ” I hear what you’re saying but,” and go for 5 Nos.

Getting in the habit of going past the first no and going till you hear at least 5. Doing this will make sure you don’t miss out on sales and it will also make sure your customers understand what they’re missing out on if the choose to not purchase your RV.

If you’ve done your job and the RV you’re showing them is the solution to their RVing problems, who wouldn’t want to start enjoying life in a RV?

The reason they came to your RV dealership today instead of in 5 years is because they’re thinking about it now. For all we know, they won’t even be around in 5 years and them waiting around would be yet another mistake, so make sure they buy the perfect RV today.

Get in the habit of hearing “No”, before your customers will tell you “Yes” and you will sell more RVs.

  • Close Towards Customer Rewards

The biggest mistake you can make is not selling towards your customers rewards. Features of your RVs will never sell the RV and neither will a low balled price.

The truth is, people come to look at RVs because they’re looking for something more in their life and often times it has nothing to do with money or your shiny new features.

Customers are looking at RVs for their own reasons and closing towards these reasons are the best way to get a sale. Remember customers will only buy your RV once their perceived value is more then the amount you’re asking them to pay for it, and the only way to build value in your RV is by selling towards your customers rewards.

Take the time to learn your customers in the interview and ask them who, what, when, where, why, and how they are going to use their RV and take the conversation past surface level.

Ask them, why they want a RV, and why its important to them. Ask them what they’re going to use the RV for and why that is important to them. Continue to ask them questions about their wants so you can close towards those rewards!

  • Loop Back

One of the best ways I have been able to overcome objections is by looping back instead of arguing or trying to change my customers mind. As a sales person it is hard to change customers minds, but it is easy to get them to change their own mind.

By asking questions designed around your customer and looping back to make the customer justify why they aren’t making a purchase today will get more of your customers to change their own mind instead of you having to change it for them. Doing this will help you close more deals because it will be the customer making the decision to buy instead of your customer feeling like you’re pushing them into a decision.

To loop back say things like:

-I hear what you’re saying but why continue to wait on buying a RV if you want to build family memories today?

-I hear what you’re saying but why put your dreams on hold if you can by the RV today for $200 a month?

-I hear what you’re saying but why not buy the RV and start traveling with your family like you want to instead of waiting 5 years?

You can use this phrase to help loop back and change your customers minds to show them that buying a RV today is a better decision then waiting to buy one.

Follow Up/Brand Advocate

  • Follow Up

Customers are better when they’re customers for life, and the only way to keep them as customers is to follow up with them.

Don’t think that just because you made a sale and the RV is over the curb that your job is done. To ensure your customer comes to you for the next RV and send their Family and Friends to you, follow up with them!

Give them a call a few times after they take delivery and make sure things are still going well for them. Ask them if they have any questions about anything they have uncovered since taking ownership of the RV. You can even help them schedule service or give them a call to remind them that winterizing their RV is just around the corner.

There are many ways to follow up with your customers but by keeping a long standing relationship with your customers it will ensure that 1 RV sale will turn into many.

As more and more customers buy a RV from you, you will start to see more and more customers asking for you. Keep a good follow up process with your new and old customers to ensure great success in your RV sales!

  • Loop Back

Just because your customer purchased a RV from you and are happy campers, don’t mean you shouldn’t loop back with those customers. As your customers get older, and their RV gets older, their needs and wants will change, and who better to help them with their next RV than you?

To ensure that you’re being efficient with all of your customers take them back through the same sales process every now and again. This will make sure you uncover any new needs and wants your customers might have, this way you can make sure the RV they’re in still fitting their needs.

If the RV they’re in is not the perfect RV then take them back through the sales process and learn who, what, when, where, why, and how they will be using the next RV. Rinse, wash and repeat.

  • Get Customer Reviews

With all of the digital technology, social media, and search engines we have access to today, it does not make sense to not ask your customers for an honest online review. When your buying customers give an online review they’re telling other people that they can trust you and do business with you, and it will help you increase sales.

People in todays day and age trust online reviews just as much as they trust their best friend and as a RV dealership you have to take advantage of this.

Offer your customers a 25% discount to your parts store for an honest Facebook or Google review and make sure you ask all of your customers to review your dealership.

The more online reviews you get, the stronger your online presence will be and the more people will see your RV dealership as one they can trust. Use the relationships your sales team has with your customers and tell them to ask for reviews.

Most people have a smart phone when they’re shopping for RVs, so after they purchase, have them pull out their phone and give you a review on Google and/or Facebook. This small practice will help increase your reviews weekly and will lead to more RV sales.

This is my RV sales process that I used to close deals and sell a lot of RVs so I hope it helps your RV Dealership do the same!

Get RV Sales Training for your RV Dealership or see how we can help your RV Dealership sell more RVs by messaging me: DM Chris On LinkedIn

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What Your RV Sales People Are Doing Wrong & How To Fix It So They Sell More RVs

A lot of RV sales people are scared of the phone and have been resorting to email way to much. This is one of the biggest issues I have seen with RV sales people and it’s hurting your sales! I believe the phone is one of the most under used and under rated ways to communicate with your customers. If you want to talk to more people and sell more RVs then you need to start calling and texting more than you email!

Side Note: Instead of emailing your customers when they don’t answer a phone call, shoot them a text, because 100% of texts are read and emails are skipped over a lot.

Stop Being So Scared And Pick Up The Phone

The best way to follow up with an internet lead is by calling them ASAP. The sooner you call a lead that comes in from your website the better. I always tell RV sales people that too much time with no follow up has a way to kill all deals; so be quick!

When you first call the customer you should have the intention of getting them into the dealership TODAY! You can say to them, “Hi, I am ______ from ______ and I seen your inquiry about our ______ and I wanted to see if you had some time TODAY to come in and take a look at this RV?”

Very short and simple, but the point of this first question is to get the customer into the dealership while they’re the hottest on the product. Your customer decided to go to your website to look at RVs today and they gave you their information. They didn’t do this yesterday or tomorrow, they did it today… but why today?

Do You Care About Your Customer?

Your customer may of been thinking about a trip they wanted to take with their family. Maybe their friends went on a trip without them because they didn’t have a RV. There are a millions reasons people are looking at your RV’s and you need to learn their wants instead of just regurgitating brochure language. People purchase products that fix their problems and meet their needs, period.

They don’t buy a RV because of all the “bells and whistles” your model has, they couldn’t care less! Your customer only care about one thing, fixing their problems and making their RV dreams come true. By following up with your leads while they’re the hottest and have interest in your solutions, you will have a higher chance of closing the sale and getting them camping.

Help your customers get what they want and you will get what you want!

Are You Doing This When You Call Them?

If your customer does not have time today to come in and take a look at your RV, the next step you should take is ask them about their trade.

Instead of going directly back in for an appointment with something like, “Well what about tomorrow, or when is your next day off?”

You should start to qualify them and ask about their trade to learn why they even want a RV in the first place.

I might say something like, “Ok no big deal, let me ask you this. Is this going to be your first RV or are you trading something in with us?”

This question is designed to put the focus on your customer instead of going right back in for an appointment. The truth is, customers are looking for a RVs that meets their wants and needs, not yours, so focus on your customer.

You Can Learn A Lot From A Trade

When you ask your customer a question like this they will either start to talk about their trade or they will tell you this is their first RV. This is perfect because they will start to tell you what they want in their next RV and what they dislike about their trade -OR- they will talk about why they started having an interest in a RV and the things they want to do with their friends, family, etc.

By learning about your customers trade you can figure out things like:

  • How much they paid for their last RV
  • What their payments were with their last RV
  • What they didn’t like about their RV
  • What they want in their next RV
  • What they used their RV for
  • Where they camped with their RV and the activities they did while camping

These are just some of the things you will learn by digging into the trade but I hope you can see how valuable this information is and why you need to learn these things about your customer.

Once you get a good idea of their trade and learn more about their real needs and wants, I will say something like, “Awesome! Thank you for giving me a good idea of why you and your family want a RV and what you’re looking to do while you’re camping. This will help me find you the perfect RV and what I am going to do is look over my inventory for any other RVs that I think will fit your needs and I will send you a video through text of those exact RVs. When you get the videos, you and your family can look over the RVs, see which ones you like the most, and when you get a free day to come take a look at them in person, I will have them ready for you guys to walk through. If we find the perfect RV for you and your family, we will buy it, if not, we will keep looking. Sound fair enough?”

Most of the time they will say, “Yes, that sounds fair” and I will come back with, “Great, what is your cell phone number so I can make sure I am sending the videos to the right phone.”

They will give me their number and I continue my sales/follow up process till I close the deal.

If they say something like, “Well we weren’t really planning on buying this soon, we’re just looking for now but have no problem coming in and taking a look at some RVs.”

I will come back with, “I hear what you’re saying and to be honest I wouldn’t ask you to buy a RV that didn’t fit your families needs so if you come in and take a look at my RVs and you’re still not ready to buy one; no big deal, we will just keep looking till the right RV comes along and when it does, we will buy it then. Sound fair enough?”

This rebuttal is designed to show your customer that you care about them and that you want what is best for them. It tells your customer that you don’t expect them to buy if you don’t have the RV that will fix their problems and a lot of customers will lower their defenses after you tell them something like this.

What you don’t want to do is come back with, “Then come see us when you’re ready to buy” or “Reach out to me when you guys are more serious buyers.”

Statements like this will show your customer that all you care about is the sale and that is bad and you’re burning your leads. The truth is, for the most part, you can’t sell someone completely over the phone. They usually have to come in see your product, fill out some paper work, bring in their trade, etc, so there is no reason to butt heads on your first phone call.

Agree with them and have a goal of closing them when they’re at your dealership instead of on the first call. This will show your customers that you’re in it for them and they will trust you more as a sales professional.

Once you get your customer in the door by phone calls, texting, and text videos, you can now implement your sales process to get them to the close. (Hopefully you have a good sales process)

If They Don’t Have A Trade

This is when you need to ask a lot of questions about who, what, when, where, and why, they want a RV. Learning your customers true passion behind a RV is the ticket to closing deals. Whether it be traveling the States, going on baseball trips with their kids traveling team, or just camping with family and friends, everyone has a different reason they want a RV, focus on these things.

Ask your customers questions like:

  • Who will all be using the RV with you?
  • What will you be doing with the RV?
  • When do you guys want to start making these dreams possible?
  • Where do you plan on going with your RV?
  • Why are you looking at RVs?
  • What is the thing that excites you the most about owning a RV?

When you start to dig into your customers true needs with questions designed around your customers, you will learn a lot of good information. As you learn more of your customers wants you will start to learn what RV will fit their needs perfectly, and when you find a RV that fits your customers true needs you won’t have to overcome their objections. They will see this RV as a vehicle to build priceless memories and they will see it as a vehicle to travel with their family and friends. They won’t see it as a trailer with a heated under belly and extra tvs because it’ll actually connect with them.

Stop talking dirty brochure language to your customers and find out their real needs!

Nobody Is Seeing Your Emails

Don’t be that RV sales person that does nothing but sends out emails because you’re leaving a lot of money on the table and burning your dealerships leads. Implement a phone call and text message follow up process and don’t stop following up till every lead comes through the door and buys a RV.

When you start to make more calls you will be surprised how much more engagement you will get out of your customers and it’ll make a huge difference in your sales and customer service. Start using your phone more than your email and start selling more RVs!

If your sales team needs more/better training on how to close internet leads and RV deals then message me. I will help you turn your sales team into an efficient selling team that will stop burning leads and increase your revenue because training is one of the best ways to increase sales.

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