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IMR will build your company an up-to-date website and deploy a strategic online marketing campaign tailored to your business that's proven to generate more income. With our advanced marketing techniques and smart social approach, we will open the flood gates for online potential customers, helping turn them into customers for life!

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What Do Our Customers Say?

You Can Trust IMR

scott miller, gm of avalon rv center

I often get asked to give testimonials from business associates, but seldom take the time to do so. IMR's expertise in website design, social media and your complete understanding of how to increase website traffic is amazing.
I have used several well-known companies for media, promotions , pay per click ads, organic traffic and the numerous options available. They are quick to set you up. Then they sit back, collect their monthly fees and fail to keep an eye on the business. IMR blows them all away.
I love being able to tell IMR my goals and budget, then turn them loose to get the my desired results. Thanks for all you do and keep up the fantastic work.
- Scott Miller, GM Avalon RV Center

Internet Marketing Packages

Quality internet marketing packages that will add high value to your business
The Premium - Monthly Plan
Responsive Website Design & Maintenance
Top-Level Search Engine Optimization Tactics
3-5 Keyword Focused Blogs Per Week
Build & Manage Facebook Presence - Twice Daily Social Posts (AM/PM)
Create & Manage Custom Facebook Paid Marketing Ad Campaigns ($25/day)
The Essentials - Monthly Plan
Responsive Website Design & Maintenance
Top-Level Search Engine Optimization Tactics
1-3 Keyword Focused Blogs Per Week
Build & Manage Facebook Presence - Twice Daily Social Posts (AM/PM)
Create & Manage Custom Facebook Paid Marketing Ad Campaigns ($10/day)

A Better Way To Grow Your Business

We build websites around your products or services that will increase your online reach and promote customer engangement. We will grow your onlince precense to help you reach your company goals and make it easier for your team to focus on the daily.


Once You Hire IMR

We will schedule you an appointment with our expert online analysts in order to gather information about your business that will help plan out the best strategy to grow your online customers.

Responsive Design

It all starts with a beautifully designed responsive website that displays properly when viewed on mobile devices or a desktop.

Search Engine Optimization

Verifying your website with Google Webmaster to insure the best SEO as well as verifying your company with Google Business to reach more people searching locally.

Keyword Focused Blogging

Tri-Weekly blogging with our unique SEO practice of focusing each blog post with keywords in your industry, gaining extra organic search engine traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Creating and integrating your social media accounts into the website, focusing on Facebook marketing to drive online engagement and leads.


Building With Intent

By creating and keyword focusing each page and blog post to specific keywords in your industry. Over time, you will gain an expansive online presence that will continue to draw in new customers who other wise wouldn't have found you.

Building With Intent


We Make It Easy For You

Let us take care of your website maintenance and continuous blogging, while bringing you in more customers than ever before, putting your mind at ease.

No More Headaches

Your mind will be at ease once you let IMR handle building and maintaining your internet presence. You'll be so satisfied, you're only problem will be that you didn't hire us sooner! You won't have to worry about learning to code or how to design or how to change your website. Our team of digital media professionals will be there giving you quality service that you can count on.

You're In Good Hands

You're website, blog, and Facebook will be handled with the upmost importance, giving you quality service that will certainly raise your cash flow. We'll be doing all the work to get your customer numbers up so all you'll have to worry about is how to handle the influx of new business. Which really, isn't a bad thing to have to worry about!


Gorilla Social Media Marketing

We use a unique social media marketing technique that we have proven to work. This technique is considered gorilla marketing because your not direct marketing your product to your audience. Instead you build report overtime and appeal to potential customers by encouraging them to engage with you on Facebook posts and ads.

Gorilla Social Media Marketing

Facts You Can't Ignore

We've taken the time to do the research for you and pulled some Internet Marketing facts we felt you can't ignore if you're not sure if you need help with your internet presence.

94 %

94 Percent of users cite design as one of the main reasons for not trusting a website. Adding social media integration and modern design helps to drastically improve user trust.

48 %

According to Google, 48 Percent of Users said that if a website didn't work well and look good on their smart phone or tablet, that it made them feel the company doesn't care about their business.

69 %

69 Percent of marketers say that dynamic, personalized content is important for their website. The product draws in consumers, but quality content on a consistent basis is why they stay.

93 %

93 Percent of consumers online experiences begin with a search engine. Three-fourths of these users do not click past the first page of search results. SEO is the best way to increase organic search traffic.

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