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IMR manages dealerships website, social media, and digital marketing to help increase sales. Our company handles all the jobs of a digital marketing manager at a fraction of the cost. This means you get more traffic and leads from your digital marketing and social media programs without the big salary of hiring a digital marketing manager. Get a FREE digital marketing and social media audit for FREE advice on how your dealership can start getting more leads and start selling more units.

Take Advantage Of A Free Digital Marketing And Social Media Audit For Your Dealership

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scott miller, gm of avalon rv center

I often get asked to give testimonials from business associates, but seldom take the time to do so. IMR's expertise in website design, social media and your complete understanding of how to increase website traffic is amazing.
I have used several well-known companies for media, promotions , pay per click ads, organic traffic and the numerous options available. They are quick to set you up. Then they sit back, collect their monthly fees and fail to keep an eye on the business. IMR blows them all away.
I love being able to tell IMR my goals and budget, then turn them loose to get my desired results. Thanks for all you do and keep up the fantastic work.
- Scott Miller, GM Avalon RV Center

Here's Why IMR Is

Your RV Dealerships Digital Marketing Solution

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Many RV dealerships today do not take the time to focus on their online brand and digital marketing.

The fact of the matter is that running your online business is time consuming, and can sometimes be a pain in the neck. For these reasons, a lot of dealerships have a terrible looking website and very little web presence.

At IMR we care about your RV dealership and will work with you to give your business the web presence you deserve. Our team will increase customer leads and be a turn key solution so your dealership can get more RV sales.

IMR Will...

  • Get More RV Sales - After IMR starts to handle your digital marketing and social media, your RV dealership will get 3x the customer leads so your sales team can sell more RVs.
  • Run Your Facebook Page & Youtube - We will post daily, engage your customers, and grow your Facebook/Youtube to establish trust online.
  • Establish Your Business As A Web Authority - Monthly content creation including webpages and blogs that will establish your business as an authority on the internet.
  • Create Professional Videos For Your Dealership - Our team will create great videos for your business so that you stand out in the marketplace.
  • Save Your Business $300,000 In Salary - When you hire IMR you get a team of web professionals at a fraction of the market cost.
  • Increase Your RV Dealerships Traffic - We will increase your organic traffic and your pay per click traffic by 3x
  • Give You Peace Of Mind - No more blog writing, no more SEO, no more ugly website, and no more social media, we do it all for you so you can focus on selling more RVs.

Avg Salary of Web Professionals

IMR Will Do All Of These Jobs For A Fraction Of What It Would Cost You In Salary Each Year

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Stats You Can't Ignore To Get More RV Sales

We've taken the time to pull together a few internet marketing stats that your business can not afford to ignore if you want to stay in business.

94 %

94 Percent of customers will say your website design is one of the main reasons for not trusting your company. By adding social media marketing and modern design it will drastically improve your customers trust.

48 %

According to Google, 48 Percent of Users said that if a website didn't work well and look good on their smart phone or tablet, that it made them feel the company doesn't care about their business.

80 %

Studies say that 80 percent of people will do online research about a company or product before they will visit them in person or make a purchase with that company.

93 %

93 Percent of consumers online experiences begin with a search engine. Three-fourths of these users do not click past the first page of search results. SEO is the best way to increase organic search traffic.

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